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Heat pump Installation

​​​​If you are conscious about your environment and concerned about the rising fuel costs and the impact that has on your fuel bills then a change you may want to consider is to heat pump installation. Fortunately, Protech AC engineers are experienced and qualified air conditioning installers of heat pump systems

So what do heat pumps do?

Essentially they take the air from outside of a building, pump it into the hot water tank, heating system and distribute it throughout the central heating installation using air or water to travel through the system. Air source heat pumps use air to pump the heat through the pipe work, whilst an air to water heat pump condenses the air to water prior to pumping it through the system.

​Both are efficient and provide unique benefits and advantages. Although an air source heat pump can sound technically complex, it really needn't be - with experts like us available to guide you through the process your changeover can be quick, simple and competitively priced.

Heat pump cost benefits and performance efficiency

Heat pump installations can be up to three times more efficient than a traditional boiler and can significantly reduce fuel costs. That is why heat pumps are proving to be ever more popular - in fact we are seeing heat pump installations right across the UK.

Contact us today to find out more about how you too can benefit from heat pump installation in your home or business​.