Protech AC installs, maintains and repairs all of the leading manufacturers within the HVAC  industry:

Protech AC Ltd

Refrigeration & ​​​​Air Conditioning Installations

​​​What Protech AC Will Do for You

Our aim is to make sure that, for you, getting a new air conditioning system installed in your premises is simple, transparent and very worthwhile.
Call us to arrange a quote for a new air conditioning installation and we will;

  • ​Take a few basic details from you and arrange a time and date to meet you on site

  • Carry out a comprehensive site survey to establish what type of Air Conditioning installation would suit you best and what size of system you need

  • Prepare a detailed proposal for you, giving you all of the information that you need to make a decision on whether or not to accept our offer based on the whole life costs of the system(s) we recommend and the suitability for your specific application

  • Our site surveys and proposals are no cost and no obligation

  • We will only recommend Air Conditioners from the world’s leading manufacturers, because our years of experience in this industry has proven time and again, that these brands are the most economical in the long run

  • We will only send the best, fully trained and qualified engineers to your premises to carry out your new air aonditioning installation, and they will respect you, your staff and your customers at all times

  • We will take care of all aspects of the new air aonditioning installation

  • We will be there to support you, 24/7, for the life of the Air Conditioner that we install for you

  • We will make sure that your Air Conditioning installation is fully compliant and advise you on all legislative requirements both at the time of the installation and as and when the law changes

  • We will honour our duty of care to you, our customer